Friday, November 4, 2016

Another New Release!

It's release week for ENCHANTING THE HIGHLANDER, and you can grab your copy for 99 cents for a limited time! But act fast. The anthology will not be available as of December 1, and the price will increase for all individual titles. 





TARTANS AND TRYSTS by Victoria Roberts

Sorcha Gunn has realized the error of her ways and wants to make amends for everything she’s done. But when her cousin mysteriously disappears and Sorcha suspects her father is responsible, she needs to make a choice: betray the man who has given her everything or seek help from his enemy. Her decision is not an easy one, especially when the only person who believes in her is a brawny Highlander from the neighboring clan.

As captain of the MacKay guard, Doughall Forbes will do anything to protect his clan from the ruthless Gunn laird. The last thing he needs is a wily female luring him into a nefarious trap. But he believes Sorcha, even though he can tell she’s holding something back. He’s determined to help her but soon discovers he’s the one who needs protection…from losing his heart.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Release!

Snakes in the Garden is now available in e-book and paperback formats. Award-winning author Victoria Roberts and debut author C. A. Roberts (mother/daughter) bring you an exhilarating tale of assassins, Highlanders, and the English court.

Following in the footsteps of her late father, Annella Poley is an assassin for the Crown. She’s determined to avenge her father’s death, no matter what the cost. But then a brawny Highland captain crosses her path and helps her uncover secrets of her past that might save her future…unless she kills him first.

Marcus Grant would rather be anywhere other than the English court. When his laird orders him to follow a mysterious woman who can fight as well as any man, he’s trapped in the last place he wants to be. Marcus knows Annella is not to be trusted, and he plans to expose what she’s been hiding—but that’s before he risks everything by falling in love.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kill or Be Kilt is Almost Here

I'm so excited! The final installment in the award-winning Highland Spies series will be released May 3. How about a little sneak peek?

This is the first scene where Ian sees Elizabeth again. 

A young woman stepped in front of the dais and cleared her throat. She had reddish-brown hair that hung in loose waves down her back. Her figure was slender and regal, and Ian could have easily drowned in her emerald eyes. But what captured his attention the most was the way the lass carried herself—confident, yet seemingly unaware of her true beauty.

She wore a black gown with hanging sleeves, and the embroidered petticoat under her skirts was lined in gray. With the added reticella lace collar and cuffs dyed with yellow starch, she looked as though she should have been at the English court rather than in the Scottish Highlands.

“Pardon me, Ruairi. Ravenna wanted me to tell you that we’re taking little Mary to the beach. We won’t be long. We’ll be in the garden until the mounts are readied, if you need us.”

When the woman’s eyes met Ian’s, something clicked in his mind. His face burned as he remembered. He shifted in the seat and pulled his tunic away from his chest. Why was the room suddenly hot? He felt like he was suffocating in the middle of the Sutherland great hall.

God help him.

This was the same young chit who had pined after him, following him around the castle and nipping at his heels like Angus, Ruairi’s black wolf. But like everything else that had transformed around here, so had she. She was no longer a girl but had become an enchantress—still young, but beautiful nevertheless. His musings were interrupted by a male voice.

“Munro, ye do remember Lady Elizabeth, eh?”

How could he forget the reason why he’d avoided Sutherland lands for the past three years?

"I adore this series, and as usual, Victoria Roberts has written another well crafted book with brilliant characters..."
—Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK


Friday, January 29, 2016

The Year of Rock 'N' Roll

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm not stupid enough to believe that my sweet daughter, my first born, would stay a wee lassie forever. But the now fifteen-year-old has discovered the joys of being a teenager. And one of those new found discoveries is concerts.

See the problem? No? Let me explain.

1. She's too young to drive and needs chauffeured.
2. There's no way her parents are going to drop her off and let her attend these events alone. Don't get me wrong. I trust my daughter 100%. It's the other idiots that are a factor.
3. Even though some of her friends like the music she listens to, they are not going to see the artists. 

Well, gosh darn it. Who does that leave? You guessed it. Mom and Dad. Dad is everything country, and mom is everything rock 'n' roll. So guess who won that battle?

Fortunately, the wee apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She loves music that I listen to and truth be told, I love the music she listens to. This is definitely her year for music exploration, and I strongly encourage it.

In two weeks, we'll be seeing these guys. 2Cellos are two men from Croatia who are classically trained musicians. They play cello rock. Perhaps you've seen their famous YouTube video to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, but my favorite is the one they did below for Thunderstruck.

In June, we're seeing her favorite band Twenty One Pilots. She really has me hooked on these guys.

Lastly (at least for this year,) we're seeing Halsey. Her voice is incredible.

What was the first concert you escorted someone to? 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Holiday

I was finally able to have a movie fest over the holidays in order to play catch up on some titles that I missed along the way.

The Holiday (2006) with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black was the cutest movie that I've seen in a while. I absolutely fell in love with the concept. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, two women with relationship and career issues swap houses in each other's countries (USA and England.) The ladies meet local guys and fall in love.

Hey, I'm a romance writer so being fond of the love stories was a given. But what I found fascinating was the swap. There are times when life gets overwhelming, whether it's from the holidays, job, family or finances. Wouldn't it be nice to just say you've had enough and take off somewhere to recharge your battery? For me, two weeks in a cottage in the Scottish Highlands would be ideal. That's where I would want to regroup.

According to, here are 27 ways to recharge your battery.

1. Plan a tech detox.

2. Go out with your girlfriends and drink a little too much wine.

3. Plan a swap group with your closest friends. This can be a clothes swap, book swap, or any theme you can think of!

4. Get out in nature. Nothing is more refreshing than some time outdoors! Look up new hiking trails online or spend the day at the beach.

5. Connect with your inner child. What did you love doing when you were little? Draw a picture, make a collage, build a fort.

6. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or even adopt a new pet from a shelter.

7. Try something new. Go rock climbing, try a foreign cuisine or simply read a book you wouldn't normally choose.

8. Clean out your closets and any clutter around your house and donate to Goodwill. Your energy feeds off your environment, so tidy up!

9. Plan your next vacation. The thrill of having something to look forward to will keep your going for awhile.

10. Light candles and take a bath with essential oils or Epsom salt. The Epsom salt will relax your muscles, and essential oils like chamomile or lavender will relax your body and mind.

11. Take a mental health day from work. Watch your favorite movies, meet up with a friend, walk around your neighborhood, see a matinee movie. Sometimes being "bad" is just what you need.

12. Recreate your favorite fancy, decadent restaurant meal at home. Chances are it'll taste much better when it's made with an ingredient list you control, plus some love.

13. Plant a garden. This idea will recharge you more than once. You'll feel good creating life, saving money on food and you'll get time to yourself out in nature every time you need to tend to it.

14. Rearrange your furniture. A new environment will likely bring new ideas and perspectives.

15. Budget money to get a quick 10-minute shoulder, neck and head massage once a week, or a 30- to 60-minute massage once a month.
Massages increase circulation and can help you relax.

16. Start a bucket list. Thinking about your goals in life will help you focus on the big picture and what will truly makes you happy.

17. Create something. Work on one of those projects you've neglected on your Pinterest board. Make it a Pinterest party by inviting friends.

18. Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs. Play them at home or take a drive and sing along at the top of your lungs.

19. Go to your local farmers market and talk with the farmers and people at the booths. You'll feel great connecting with your community and learning where your food comes from.

20. Plan a date night. Chances are, if you have kids or a demanding job, you haven't been on a proper date in quite a while. Here are 20 great date night ideas. If you're not in a relationship, have a friend date! Try to make it a weekly ritual and take turns planning the date.

21. Take a 20-minute cat nap.

22. Drink a green juice or smoothies when you start feeling the afternoon slump.

23. Set an alarm for each hour to remind yourself to get up and move around.

24. Get outside during lunch. Take a walk, eat outside, go to a local cafe. The main point is to get away from the office and your computer screen.

25. Meditate. Meditating sitting, or even lying down for 15 minutes can help you relax before you dig back into your work.

26. Take a shower. If you're stuck on an idea or frustrated after a hard day, a shower will give you a chance to relax and rethink your situation.

27. Exercise! Aim for 30 minutes of medium-high intensity exercise every day. It doesn't have to be all at once. Regular exercise will help regulate hormones (hello, endorphins!), increase circulation and often helps people clear their minds and reduce stress.

If you could swap places with someone anywhere in the world to recharge your battery, where would you go?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Release by Victoria Roberts!

Kilts and Kisses (my novella previously published in the Kissing the Highlander anthology) is now available as a separate release. If you haven't read the anthology that I wrote with Eliza Knight, Terry Spear, Vonda Sinclair and Willa Blair, this is a great chance to pick up my single novella at a great price.
Since the deaths of her parents, Ceana Gunn has lived in the shadow of her uncle and his family. She wants nothing more than to see her clan the way it was when her father was still laird. But her uncle has other ideas. Ceana soon discovers that the only refuge to be found is in the last place she expects—the arms of her enemy. 
Luthais MacKay wants to be left alone. His only interest is training his prized hawks. He certainly doesn’t have time to listen to the petty squabbling of his clan when his father travels to Edinburgh and leaves him in charge. But when Luthais discovers a mysterious woman on his lands, he’s determined to unravel her secrets…one layer at a time. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Highland Spy - Best Historical and Best Book of the Year!

The clan and I recently returned from New Orleans, LA where My Highland Spy was awarded the 2014 BTS Book Reviews Red Carpet award for Best Historical and Best Book of the Year! 
I was so elated, especially being surrounded by my family, sister, and cousin. For those of you who don't know this already, my son kilts up for all my book signings and events. The BTS awards were no exception. 
When the BTS peeps called my name for Best Historical, I was escorted by a cover model onto the red carpet and then to the stage. After accepting the award, the verra nice cover model escorted me back to my seat where my waiting son was not happy. As soon as my butt hit the chair, my son leans over and says, "I'm really mad. Why does that guy have to escort you? That's my place. I'm with you for every signing and event. This is our thing, not his. I'm walking you down the aisle if you win again."
I explained to my son that the cover model was escorting everyone to the stage and that was his job. My son was disappointed and only replied as 10 year old boys do with a "I don't care..."
So it's the final award of the night for Best Book of the Year. BTS peeps call my name. The cover model approaches me again and escorts me to the stage. I accept the award and take the cover model's arm to return to my seat. I gazed at the ground for a moment, trying not to trip in my heels (that would be humiliating!) 
When I lift my eyes, my wee lad is waiting for me by the stage on the red carpet. I now have the cover model to my right and my son to my left. My little man takes my arm and escorts me back with the cover model on the other side. When we get to the table, my son whispers, "I told you that I don't care if he's a cover model or not. That's my job. Besides, in a few years, I'll be able to take him out." lol I was laughing so hard I was crying. 
It was a great night, and I'm so glad that I got to share it with my family, especially in New Orleans.