Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living Life in the 80's

"What's Miami Vice?" asked my daughter, making a scrunched up face.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked, rolling my eyes. Then I actually thought about it and realized, she had no idea. Who could forget Don Johnson and his pimped out clothes? I remember all of the guys wishing they were Don Johnson and all of the girls dressing like they were in Miami.

There were some great things that came out of the 80's. Some I'd like to forget like wearing leg warmers over my jeans! Hey, I was quite in style at the time! And who can remember Madonna's jelly bands being all the rage? Between big hair bands, mullets... we thought we had great fashion sense. Ha!

Anyway, I have been on a mission to subject my daughter to all of the 80's movies we can get our hands on. She loves them! Do you remember any of these?

The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
The Goonies
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
St. Elmo's Fire
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Dirty Dancing
War Games
Short Circuit
16 Candles
9 to 5
A Nightmare on Elm Street (We love horror movies and Johnny Depp!)
Back to the Future
Beverly Hills Cop
Fright Night
Risky Business
Teen Wolf

Just to name a few! Care to admit anything that you donned in the 80's? Flashdance shirts maybe? ;)


  1. Beautiful site! Ah, yes, I remember legwarmers. Mine were Argyle. I thought I was very hot.

  2. I'm signing this as "anonymous" due to the embarrassment factor: I used to where anything that resembled something Simon LeBon or John Taylor of Duran Duran would wear. Yeah, not too sexy on a girl and soooo far from good fashion sense nowadays!

  3. I hope "anonymous" is a family relation... If so, I believe my fedora was black and yours was...?

    If "anonymous" is not a family relation, Duran Duran was awesome! I'm just so glad I don't have pics of that era ;) Although, my father hid away my Madonna laced glove with the fingers cut out to show every boyfriend I ever had! *cringing*

    Fun comment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG! My leg warmers were bright red and made my legs look like over-stuffed sausages. Boy...was I HAWT stuff! *shudders* Great post even though you did stir up a few memories best forgotten. LOL!

  5. I can say that I have watched all of those movies and more! I am an 80's girl and proud of it. TO this day I almost only listen to BOB FM because it is strictly 80's music.

    As for fads, I was in dance all of my life so I never wore the leg warmers on my jeans since I wore them in class. BUt I did wear the 2 pairs of socks pushed down on top of my high tops, I pegged the leg os my jeans, and to make the sides of my hair stand out, I would spray hair spray and then use the hair dryer. How my hair didn't break off when someone would touch it, I have no idea!

    Great post!