Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

I am a firm believer in practicing random acts of kindness.

An elderly woman lives down the street from us and is basically home bound. All of her care comes to the house 24/7. During the winter months, my dh plows her driveway so that her caregivers are able to bring supplies and see to her needs. During the summer months, he cuts her grass. 

In the mail today was a card addressed to my husband from this woman. As he opened it, a smile played the corner of his lips.   

Apparently, when he visits this lonely woman, he offers her a listening ear. One day she told him that she really enjoyed fresh pineapple. Last week without my knowledge, my dh went down to cut her grass and bought her a fresh pineapple. 

The card read: "You were so kind to give me that delicious pineapple and you really took me by surprise. My prayers are for the safety of you and your dear family as you travel to and from the beautiful country of Canada. May God bless and keep you and yours in his loving care. In gratitude for your kindness and generosity."

It brought tears to my eyes. It is incredibly touching that one random act of kindness is rewarded with another. I've been with my husband for 21 years and he still surprises me.


  1. Now THAT's what I call a real life hero. And you know that the best part is? Children learn what they see. You and your husband are making the world a better place not only by random acts of kindness but by instilling this belief in your children to be carried into the future. Beautiful ripples across the pond of life. Thank you both.

  2. You definitely have a winner there, Victoria. God bless him.

    I have always thought giving without the thought of getting something in return is the way I want to live my life and we trained our daughter to do it as well. I love to see the tears, the big smile or whatever reaction I get when I give someone a quilt I've made. Our older daughter died nine years ago and in her memory I have given away 36 quilts. Each one is made with love and given in joy. Not only did it help me to get through years of grieving, but it makes me feel like a better person.

    I also think when people see someone doing something nice for someone withut expectation of getting something back that it encourages them to do the same. It's the way it's suppose to be instead of all the meanness we are seeing these day.

    Hugs to you and congratulations on the good taste in husbands you have.

  3. Maeve, that is so sweet! When you see someone else truly appreciate their kindness, you realize you're blessed to have such a gift. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Paisley, what a heartfelt way to honor your daughter's memory. I do know a lot of man hours go into making a quilt. What a wonderful way to show someone you appreciate them.

    I wish there were more people like you in the world. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Victoria,
    I absolutely love reading your sweet thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this very touching story.

  6. Donna, thanks so much for the comment. I love sharing stories that touch my heart.