Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

What a wonderful time of year. Not only do our little ones get to dress up and get truck loads of candy, but it's my birthday today. I love having my special day today. As a kid, it was always so much fun. Candy, birthday cakes, costume parties, and plenty of laughs and scares to go around. 

The picture above is my daughter in first grade. She had that beautiful bride outfit when she took dance lessons, and then transformed it into her own design. Yep, that was all her idea. She frightened other kids, scared the living-daylights out of her teacher, and her father and I just shook our heads. Kids. She had a blast.  

From there, she was Freddie Kruger.
Yep, that's my baby! My precious first-born.

This year my son is going as a Navy seal and my daughter as a basketball player-go figure. What about your kids? What's the biggest costume trend this year?

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