Friday, February 4, 2011

Stairway to Seven

I know. What does historical romance have to do with sports? Absolutely nothing.

Where will you be this Sunday when the Steelers make football history (again)? Rest assured that this gal will have her butt parked in front of the TV cheering on her favorite hometown team.  

You could actually feel the excitement in the air in downtown Pittsburgh this week. Between pep rallies in Market Square, Black and Gold Day, Terrible Towels and Steeler mania, Steeler Nation was heard loud and clear. In fact, shh... can you still hear it?

We had lots of laughs at the day job. Food was plentiful and camaraderie was in abundance. Our boss found it amusing that the following document was presented to him this afternoon from the department.

* * *
Official "Won't-Be-In-On-Time" Permission Slip

In celebration of the Pittsburgh Steelers appearance in Super Bowl XLV, I hereby request permission to report late for work on Monday, February 7, 2011.

I plan to join the entire Steeler Nation by participating in the following activities on Super Bowl Sunday:

1.  Shop for appropriate Steelers attire to wear all day and night on Super Bowl Sunday
2.  Stop by the nearest Giant Eagle to stock up on all Steelers essentials (chipped ham, jumbo, etc.)
3.  Listen to "The Pittsburgh Steelers Polka" and other Steelers songs on the radio
4.  Tune into pre-game TV broadcasts and laugh at the stories showing the dirty, smoky city of yesteryear, knowing Pittsburgh doesn't look like that anymore
5.  Wave the Terrible Towel throughout the Super Bowl player introductions or until my arm gets tired
6.  Chant "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go" non-stop, beginning at noon
7.  Consume large quantities of pierogies, kielbasa, Heinz products and IRON CITY

All of these things will tire me out and make it necessary for me to come in late on Monday.

Boss, I appreciate your cooperation in this important matter and sincerely thank you for your understanding that my heart belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Go Black and Gold!!   

Come on folks! Who's cheering with me for the Pittsburgh Steelers?


  1. LOL! Sounds great! I too will be parked in front of a TV to watch and cheer for the Steelers!

  2. Thanks Alexa! It's going to be lots of fun when we shred the cheese! ;-)

  3. Hahaha! Enjoy your day, my friend - and good luck to your team!

  4. Ok - I'm married to a Wisconsin boy. I'd wish you luck but I'd feel a traitor. It should be an interesting game. :)

  5. Thanks Maeve!

    Paisley, fair enough. I think the competition will be fierce. This should be a really exciting game to say the least!

  6. No football for me, but I hope the day turns out happy for you!