Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

With the kids starting school and wrapping up Book 2 of the Bad Boys of the Highlands series, I have not had a lot of time to basically stop and smell the roses. This weekend I put everything aside and took the kids to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. Nothing stirs an author's mind into inspiration more than taking a trip back to the past.

As you can see from the picture above and below, the costumes were absolutely exquisite. From the nobles to the commoners, everyone played their part well.  

The instrument pictured below was very interesting. It had TONS of piano wire braided across a wooden platform and this nice man told me he had put in countless hours of practice. At first, five hours a day! The music he played was very soothing.

I always enjoy the acts, but you have to be careful if you take the kids. Most of the sexual innuendos are over their head, but some are not. I did find the actors minded their manners when the kids were about. 

The poor guy below had to stand like that for countless hours. He threw endless insults at every passer-by and even more when you tried to bash him with tomatoes. I would not want that job! My daughter (who was a glutton for punishment) threw tomatoes at him and he screamed, "I see you're wearing purple! That's so everyone won't look at your face! You think your phone is broken, but the boys aren't calling!" Of course she laughed always being the good sport.
As we moved through the shire, I managed to find a Scot or two! I have this tremendous talent of being able to spot a kilt a mile away.
I think our favorite part was the jousting. Thundering hooves, swords, chain mail, man-to-man combat... If you weren't inspired before, you were now. Talk about inspiration. The gallant Sir Roderick battled the French knight Mitri.

The day was purely wonderful, but there was only one event that was truly delightful. Yes, this is my hand. Yes, I was about to swoon. Who doesn't like a knight in shining armor? Sir Roderick proved that chivalry is not dead. *sigh* Thank you for 'inspiring' me, Sir Roderick.