Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sun, Sea, Sand, and a Rum and Coke? Seriously?

Greetings! The clan and I recently returned from a fabulous Christmas vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico. We traveled with my dad and my sister and her family for a grand total of eight! Yep, a good old-fashioned Griswald family Christmas.

I was never away from the States for the holidays before and the trip was definitely an experience. But I have to admit, it was kind of odd not to have the dreary gray skies or snow. Instead, we were blessed with 85 degree weather, white sandy beaches and palm trees. This was pretty much my view every day under the cabana with an umbrella drink in hand.

This fair-skinned beauty only comes with two shades--white or red. I do not tan. I burn. The bird didn't seem to mind my company though.

The staff tried to make everyone feel at home and the resort was decorated with all-things Christmas.

This vacation was my daughter (twelve years old) and my son's (seven years old) first trip to Mexico. My tweeny pretty much rolls with anything, but my son--well, let's just say he's still at that impressionable age. Which brings me to the case in point.

The little lad played in the sand, minding his own business, when he spotted a topless woman on a lounger (the only woman on the entire beach sporting such nothingness.) His eyes widened, his jaw dropped and oh, boy...we knew it was coming.

"Where is her top? She doesn't even have a bra on!" he shouted.

We sat down and explained how some people in Europe go to the beach "natural" and I thought I had handled the situation like a seasoned pro. Then I politely added, "If it bothers you, just don't look."

Again, the little jaw dropped and my beloved son replied, "Of course I'm going to look. I'm a boy!" 

Hauling my great parenting skills to dinner that night, the entire clan had a drink beforehand at the bar. A round of drinks were ordered and my son was the only kid who wanted anything--a Coke. We sat around and waited for our name to be called for the reservation when my son came up to me and held out his glass.

"There is something totally wrong with this Coke."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

 "Taste it," he said, scrunching up his little face.

"No wonder it doesn't taste right. They gave you a rum and Coke."

"I had a rum and Coke? This vacation is awesome! I can't wait to tell my friends!"

Can you imagine this parent's nightmare? What is he going to tell his friends and teachers? I saw a naked lady and drank a rum and Coke!

We had a wonderful time, especially the kids. lol And the first day we were home, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and four inches of snow.