Monday, April 9, 2012

Jimmy Thomas, a Book Signing and a Little Lad in Training

What in the world does Jimmy Thomas, a book signing and a little lad in training have in common? Yep, I thought the same thing.
I've posted several times before about the wonderful sayings that come out of the mouths of babes. And just when I think nothing else would surprise me, bang, there it is.

It all started when Temptation in a Kilt was published. As every author would do, I privately reflected and asked myself, "What if this is a NYT Bestseller? What if this is a USA Today Bestseller? OMG! What if it's both? Wait, reality is sinking in... What if it gets really bad reviews and bombs?" *shaking head and clearing out negative thoughts*

When things start to bother me, I like to talk instead of keeping all of my musings inside to fester. I started talking to my kids about how I would promote the book. We talked about promotional items, what I would take to the book signing, etc. You know--anything to lighten said dark thoughts.

My daughter smirks and says, "Boy, it's too bad you can't have Jimmy Thomas attend. How great would that be to help you sell your book?"

For those of you that don't know, Jimmy is the Highlander gracing my website and blog and also the Highlander in the Temptation in a Kilt book trailer.
Of course I agree with my daughter. How could I not?

Right on cue, my son says, "I'll do it. Buy me a kilt and I'll do it. But... I will only do it if you buy me the shirt, shoes and dagger. I want to look like a Highlander. Then I can pass out your bookmarks and say, "Thank you for buying my Mom's book." And I swear this was entirely my little lad's idea. Both of my kids are verra proud of Mom.

As any mother/author of Scottish historical romance would do, I ordered my little lad the complete Scottish get-up from Heritage of Scotland. 

And it arrived...

I can admit that I may be a wee bit partial. But I think my son will do great at the book signing! What do you think? A future Highland laird mayhap?