Monday, February 8, 2010

Most Romantic Words Ever Spoken

Do you remember the most romantic words that were ever spoken to you?

My dh literally swept me off my feet when we were dating. He was so handsome, big and strong and had that sweet southern twang.

He was the kindest man I'd ever met. Who wouldn't fall for that?

I think the most romantic words came from him when we were dating. I remember being upset about something and I was crying. I did not want him to see me upset so I turned my head away from him. Having him see his girlfriend as a watering pot was not on the top of my list.

He grabbed my chin and turned me to face him. He wiped my tears with his thumb and gave me a warm smile. "I can't stand to see you cry," he whispered. "I wish I could take away your pain. Maybe I'll have better luck as your husband," he murmured, bending his head in for a kiss.

Yep, that was a winner. Just like a scene from a romantic movie or book. I'll remember that one forever.

In lieu of Valentine's Day, what were the most romantic words ever spoken to you?


  1. The most romantic thing that was said to me was after my father had passed away. My father meant everything to me. He was my best friend, I could tell him everything without feeling insecure.
    After he had passed away every time I would think of him I would always tear up and start to cry. On one particular day, my father's birthday, I began thinking about him during lunch
    (I was in my senior year of highschool at the time) I began to remember when my father had celebrated his 40th birthday and began to tear up.
    Not wanting to cry infront of my friends, I stood up and left the cafeteria. My boyfriend at the time, who I am now happily married to, was sitting at the table with me.
    when I left, he stood up and followed me. When we were in the hallway he grabbed and embraced me, I had never been hugged that way before.
    he made me feel safe, loved, and not lonely any more, so I just began bawling right there. He then said something that i will remember for the rest of my life. He said "I may not be able to fill the hole that your father left but, I will do whatever necessary to try and take away that feeling of emptiness. I will love you for eternity, and help you make new memories. Ones that I hope we can share together."
    I will never forget that moment. I hope you liked this memory of mine and that you enjoyed reading it. n_n

  2. Dawn, you would've been a fool not to marry that boy! That does have to be some of the most romantic words ever spoken.

    Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt story.

  3. This wasn't said to me, but I said it to my girlfriend...she liked it enough to put it on her profile page in a game we both play :

    ‎Who would have thought when we met that we would grow to be so have entranced my mind, and stolen my heart. Your words are like Ambrosia, mine to take in at my leisure...and keep forever in my heart. You are intelligent, funny, and sexy...while still remaining the sweet girl I first met. Forever wouldn't be long enough to spend with you...until the stars fade, and the Earth stops spinning...I am yours. I love you ♥

  4. That's very sweet. Thanks for sharing.