Friday, May 21, 2010

Writing Good Luck Charms

Yes, yes....I know I have said it more than once. Sabrina Jeffries is my Regency God.

For all of us aspiring authors, we know how important advice can be from published, well-established writers. We literally hang on their every word, waiting for them to pass on some brilliant piece of knowledge or experience our way. 

When I initially started writing Highland Savior, I tried to gather as much information as I could on how our writing heroes/heroines go about doing it. What do they actually do when they sit down to write? Do they plot? Do they strategize? Do they outline? Do they say a silent prayer before they begin? What are their writing rituals? You get the picture.

It got me to thinking...Did you ever go to a Bingo hall? Did you ever see the Bingo Gods playing with miniature troll dolls displayed around their cards? Colorful trolls with purple, green, yellow and orange hair are strategically placed around their cards--their good luck charms. Does it work? I don't know, but it's their ritual. 

My Regency God actually has William Shakespeare and Jane Austen miniatures next to her work area for inspiration. I think she also has a few others, but I can't remember them all off the top of my head.

Anyway, my poor CP is mentally abused and it's my fault. She has read (and re-read) Highland Savior so many times that I think she recites lines in her sleep. I'll have to ask her husband! Imagine my surprise, when she handed me this Scottish doll today and told me he's for luck. He's even donned in the MacGregor tartan in honor of my hero, Ciaran MacGregor. 

He now stands proudly next to my daggers for inspiration and good luck!

What about you? Do you have any good luck charms? And more importantly, do they work?


  1. I have a favorite quote on my corkboard for inspiration and a "muse trinket that also hangs on my corkboard. For each story I do have pictures and sayings and knickknacks that represent the characters and the story too.

  2. I ALWAYS wear my amethyst ring whenever I write. I feel the stone brings me peace and helps me concentrate. Does it work? Who knows? My mind thinks it does and that's 98% of the battle. ;)

  3. Lexi, I'm glad you found something to inspire you.

    Maeve, then NEVER take it off...

  4. I wear my daughter's class ring. We lost her to cancer eight years ago and I always wear it to keep her close. The cool thing is that when we got her the ring she told me she was wearing it for me because my parents didn't let me buy a school ring and I'd always wanted one. I believe it is for keeping the faith and inspiration.

  5. Hi Victoria, I have a stuffed leprechaun on my desk. I named him seamus O'Reagan, for no other reason than that I liked the name. I'm not sure he brought me luck, but there is a story behind him.

    I was in a local department store in February, 2006, shortly after I'd sent the partial for my novel, "In Sunshine or in Shadow" to Highland Press. Since the story is set in Ireland and I love all things Irish, I bought him. A week later, I got a request for the full ms, and shortly after that I sold the book! Ever since then Seamus comes with me to all writing-related events (signings, etc.). And I guess he's still hard at work because I recently sold "Coming Home," the sequel to "Sunshine."

  6. You have one thoughtful CP, Victoria! I do most of my writing very early in the morning, but whether at dawn or late afternoon, the ritual of preparing a big mug of strong Irish tea is essential to kicking off any writing session.