Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Let the Gaelic Begin!

I love the sound of a velvety Scottish brogue. Frankly, it fascinates me. Dragging the clan to as many Scottish festivals around the area as possible, my ears perk up as soon as I hear the rolling tongue. 

Writing Scottish historical romance, I love to place a little flair of Scottish Gaelic into my manuscripts. I think it gives the reader a little taste of Alba. My CP's only request is that I must put in the translation. It frustrates her when the novel she's reading has Gaelic and she must inference the meaning. Donna want to upset the CP! 

Last year, I was able to attend a Gaelic class at one of the festivals. Whenever I get my hands on any material, I'm like a kid in a candy store. Hand-outs? Hand them over! Books? I'll buy them! Class? Sign me up! My kids can speak more words in Gaelic than they can in Spanish. I still haven't decided if that's good or not, but they're supporting mom's writing career. ;-)

As a pre-published author, I have attended classes on GMC, synopsis and query writing, etc. Yep, a necessary evil, but what excites me is when I get to attend a class that I know I will enjoy wholeheartedly. Gaelic class starts April 1st with one of our resident chapter experts and I am so thrilled.

To all of those attending... I'll try not to be the annoying kid in class sitting in the front row asking all of the questions. ;-) Anyone else attending Sharron's class?

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  1. LOL! You and you're babies need to go to Ireland. You'd be able to read all the signs without having to search for the English translation.