Monday, July 26, 2010

The Scottish Loft

The kids were at Grandma's for a week so the DH and I headed back to Niagara Falls, Canada again for a long weekend. As I stated in my prior post, if you haven't been there--go!

We traveled to Niagara-on-the-Lake (short driving distance from Niagara Falls) to the quaint little shops on Queen Street. They never disappoint. I found a Christmas shop with a TON of unique ornaments and my credit card was smokin'! Pulling myself out of that shop--well, the DH was pulling me out, I found a shop that was 100% Ireland. We shopped around and it was very nice. I told the DH, "It's too bad they don't have a shop that's 100% Scotland."

Of course the DH replies, "Thankfully, no. I'd never be able to get you out."

As we meander down the street, I see the Rampart Lion flag blowing in the wind and a sign that reads The Scottish Loft.  Could it be true? Could it be a store devoted to all-things Scotland? The DH moans and rolls his eyes. I run in the front door and turn to the DH. "You can wait here!"

He sighs. "I don't think so! You'll be buying everything in the store."

I turn and smile. "Just hold the basket then."

I was like a giddy school girl. They had kilts, sporrans, flashes, kilt hose, sgian dubh, cuff links, ghillie brogues, ghillie shirts, kilt pins, tartans, tartan caps, ties, clan crest badges, clocks, magnets, coasters, wall plaques, wall shields, mugs, glasses, calendars, books on Scotland and clan heritage, key chains, tableware, herbs, belt buckles, flags, hats, music... I had died and gone to Scotland. *happy sigh*

If you travel to Niagara-on-the-Lake, be sure to stop in at The Scottish Loft or click on the link I provided to check out their website. Mòran taing to The Scottish Loft for a nice visit and rest assured, this lover of Scotland will be back!

As we leave the store, the DH shakes his head and whispers, "You're not even Scottish."

To which I lean in and whisper back, "You don't have to be Scottish to have a love for everything Scotland."

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  1. Oh Victoria, that shop sounds like heaven! Yep, my debit card would melt and my hubby would have to haul me out of there.