Monday, August 9, 2010

Vanity License Plates

RAINSUXS displayed on the license plate of the little red convertible that sped by me. Wow! I thought that was so cute. I never really paid attention to vanity license plates because half of the time I could not figure out what they were trying to say. If it took me more than 5 seconds, forget it!

Recently, I started paying attention to license plates and to my surprise, there are a lot of vanity plates out there. I personally never had one because I have to admit that I'd probably never think of anything that creative.

For the past two weeks, I've been on a mission. Every creative vanity plate that I saw, I wrote down and thought to share. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

LOOKOUT/Muscle car
NTMYDADS/Muscle car
SS MINT/Muscle car
KOOOL/Muscle car
68SH3LBY/68 Shelby
TRIC 55/55 Chevy
55 CHEVY/55 Chevy

Do you have a vanity license plate or have you seen anything creative? 


  1. I love the IPMS247! I wish I'd thought of that one and my husband would've agreed with it. :) I currently have YaYa2 because my granddaughter calls me YaYa. (YaYa & YaYa1 were both taken so, I'm YaYa2) Great post!

  2. Those are cute! The PMS one is my favorite! I don't have one. My husband used to have one with his name on it, and before that he had one with his ship's name on it (when he was in the Navy).

  3. Eliza, hence the reason for The Men of the Sea series? That is wonderful if you can pull some tales from your DH.

  4. Cute plates, Victoria. I don't have a vanity plate, but a friend witnessed this one day at a rotary here in NH - a money car kept going around and around the rotary like the driver was lost or couldn't figure out which exit to take. His license plate said "Genius." My friend send the story into Readers Digest and they printed it as one of those humorous anecdotes!

  5. Pat, no wonder she sent it in! That is really funny.

    Maeve, good thing she calls you YaYa. That could have been quite difficult if she called you something else.

  6. The plates are cute. Here in Cambridge I've seen ISU4U2(lawyer) LUVA RN(at the hospital)and 2THDR(dentist)


  7. Those plates are neat. I do not think I could ever come up with anything that creative for my car.