Monday, August 30, 2010

Dunskey Castle

Atop an exposed, rocky point on the west coast of the Rhinns of Galloway stands grim Dunskey Castle. The treacherous waters of the North Channel roar below. Across the North Channel, the low hills of Antrim in Northern Ireland can be faintly seen.

The stronghold has a history as wild as this desolate spot. In 1489, the murderous McCullochs of Cardoness descended upon this place, plundering and burning it as vengeance for the murder of their kinsman by the Laird of Dunskey, William Adair.

As a result of this devastation, the Adairs built a new castle on the site. The oldest part of the present ruin dates to the early 16th century. It was later added to and re planned by Hugh Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery, Laird of Dunsky until his death in 1636. By 1684, the castle was declared 'ruinous.'

I don't know. It looks too cold and desolate for this writer's tastes. Besides, I'm sure there's a wee ghostie or two! Mmm... this could be inspiration for the next manuscript  ;)


  1. Great page Victoria. I loved looking through all of your posts. I thought it would be better to just make one general post here. Save myself some typing!

    I love the large picture at the top. Where is that? Keep up the good work and I hope we can meet in New York next year at RWA Nationals.

  2. Oh what lovely pictures. It always boggles my mind to see these massive structures, and then learn that they were destroyed, and rebuilt. Construction in our modern times is fascinating but understandable, with our machinery, but in those days, it's just beyond my understanding how they constructed castles.

  3. Thanks Sarah! The pic at the top is Eilean Donan Castle. In my opinion, absolutely breathtaking. See you next year at Nationals!

    Anita, my DH is in construction and even though he explains it to me, it is beyond my imagination. I cannot imagine working with those old tools and building something like that in mass proportion. I think that is why I am so awe struck when I see this stuff.

  4. Can you imagine the view from that castle? Of course strong winds and storms must have sent goosepimps across the skins of everyone inside even when it wasn't in ruins.

    I also love the photo of Eilean Donan - my most favorite castle in all the world. Watched Maid of Honor over the weekend and was delighted to be inside the castle again. I suppose if I was the richest person on earth I would attempt to by the keep. :)

  5. Not fair that old ruins have all the good viewing spots! Can we move Dunskey and build a nice hotel or a writing retreat there? Just kidding. I wouldn't want those Scottish ghosts mad at me! Another interesting post, Victoria.

  6. No wonder you have such inspiration. I agree, bet there is a ghostie or two! Love your pages.
    Margie Porter

  7. Oh my! This castle looks just like the one I envision in my current WIP. I got chills as soon as I saw the pic. Great post as usual, Victoria. :-)