Monday, February 28, 2011

Bear-ly Able to Watch... Cape Wrath, Scotland

I will be the first to admit that when I do occasionally get my hands on the TV remote, I force the dh to watch what I want. You know, skimpily clad gladiators, vampires, serial killers, men in kilts... It serves him right for all of the times he coerces me into watching every fishing, hunting, manly show under the sun. I'm sorry, but there are only so many times a gal can watch Alaskan crab fishing! Every episode is the same!

After being married for so many years, we read each other well. For instance, I will make him a nice dinner and say, "Do you mind if we watch...?" He usually caves. On the other hand, I'm more difficult to persuade. My son and daughter join in and we outnumber his vote, overthrowing the king's command. Due to our rallying efforts, it has influenced the dh to be much more creative.

One of his favorite shows is Man vs. Wild. Yep, I could not tear my gaze away when Bear Grylls drank his own urine the first or the second time and let's not talk about when he actually ate bear excrement. Any man that drinks his own man juice... *cringe* 

Anyway, the other night the dh says, "I taped something for you. I really thought you would like it. I think it was filmed in Cape Wrath, Scotland."

"Really?" I ask with excitement. "What was it?"

"Now before you say anything and roll your eyes, it was Man vs. Wild."

He has me cornered, knowing I'll watch anything about Scotland.

The show starts off with Bear jumping out of a helicopter, living in a life raft and then swimming to shore. Hey, this isn't so bad! The scenery is beautiful and it's Scotland. Wait, he realizes he's on the wrong island and must swim the channel. No big deal. Is that... a baby seal? He's not. Please tell me--he's not.

Pulling out his blade, he cuts the head from the seal. What is he doing? Oh, that explains it. He's making a baby seal wet suit to wear over his chest to protect him from the elements of the sea. Donning his stylish blood soaked skin; he swims the channel--not as shark bait. He made it. Mmm...

The remote scenery of Cape Wrath was breathtaking, but next time, I think I'll leave the Bear at home.


  1. I haven't seen this episode yet. I saw the previews. Oh no poor baby seal. :( I'll have to leave the room during that part.

    He does some really disgusting things. He did another episode in Scotland which was good. Although he did find a dead stag. I'll let you use your imagination. He also threw himself into a bog mud pit. Very interesting (and insane LOL).

  2. Nicole, the scenery was beautiful and very rugged--I could have done without the seal.

    Maeve, I have watched enough Shark Week's to know that he was basically wearing chum. Too bad they didn't take the bait ;-)

  3. I don't know this Bear program and don't think I care to. Is this guy trying to show what one had to do to survive way back when (which could provide writing research), or is he just showing off? Too bad Mama seal wasn't around.