Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview with Author Maeve Greyson

I am thrilled to be chatting with the winner of RT’s Writing with the Stars, amazing author extraordinaire, fellow chapter sister of CHRW and my friend, Maeve Greyson.
Welcome, Maeve! I’m so happy to have you here for a visit. You’ve had quite an exciting jump start to your career and I’ve been amazed by the amount of support you’ve received surrounding the contest. Did this surprise you?

MG:  Before I answer, thank you so very much for inviting me over for a chat at your lovely blog, Victoria, and you are too kind with your lovely praise. I’m blushing!  I’m so glad to be here. Now --did the amount of support surprise me? Yes and no. I’ve always found the writing community to be a warm friendly bunch so I wasn’t really surprised by all their help and enthusiasm at the beginning of the contest. However, I was amazed, awe-struck, gah-gahed and all those other words you might use to describe a state of total disbelief when they all continued to rally around me throughout the duration of the contest. The challenges lasted a grueling six months and I couldn’t believe the patience of all my wonderful supporters. Even though they must’ve been sick of listening to me beg for their votes, they still supported me and didn’t hire a hit man to shut me up.

VR:  *waves hand in air in dismissive gesture* Of course we didn't hire a hit man! Your husband has done some pretty amazing things to show his support. Care to share some of his most supportive moments? (Can you tell the Stefan Pinto is my boyfriend story? That is hilarious!)

MG: Hubby is undoubtedly my biggest fan and supporter. He’s nudged me when I needed a push, held me back when I was ready to throw it all away and always reminded me that I matter. I have worth. I never had that before I met him so he’s worked miracles with my self-esteem. And yes, we still laugh about his “boyfriend” encounter at RT.

Hubby and I were at the Kensington morning mixer at RT in Los Angeles. Of course, Hubby was snapping photos of me with my new Kensington editor, my wonderful mentor, Rebecca Zanetti, and a host of other talented Kensington authors.

Stefan Pinto, a VERY NICE cover model and contestant for Mr. Romance, was also there and he was more than happy to have his picture taken with a shy writer from the backwoods of Kentucky. While Stefan and I stood there smiling into Hubby’s camera, Stefan asked if this was my first RT. I replied that it was. He gave me a quick hug and whispered in my ear, “Watch this. It will be very funny.” He dug around in his bag and pulled out two promotional buttons decorated with his scrumptious, bare-chested photo and some words written around the edge of the button. He pinned one on my collar, gave me a wink, then walked up to my hubby and pinned the button high enough on my husband’s shirt so that he couldn’t bend the button to see it. Then Stefan patted Hubby on the shoulder, grinned and walked away. I joined Hubby, read the button and started giggling. After twisting the button every way possible, Hubby finally looked at me and asked, “What does that thing say?” I winked at him and patted him on the chest. “It says that you have a new boyfriend and his name is Stefan Pinto.”

VR:  *giggles* Your husband is definitely your biggest fan and supporter. It's heartfelt to see that he remains by your side every step of the way.  Beyond a Highland Whisper was your first release and I could not put it down! What was your favorite part of the story?

MG: I love the part where Latharn is jealous of Nessa’s date with Gabriel. A jealous Highlander who’s not about to allow ANY man take what belongs to him is just my idea of a yummy scene. I adore a man who’ll fight for what he wants and then be damned if he lets anyone attempt to take it away.

VR: I loved that scene as well. Verra alpha male. When will your next book, The Highlander's Fury, be released? Are you able to give us a little sneak peek?

MG: I don’t have a release date yet for The Highlander’s Fury. Edits have gone well with this one as well as for Eternity’s Mark (release date: April 2012). Here’s a snippet from The Highlander’s Fury that I hope you will enjoy. But keep in mind – we’re still in edit mode, so this could very well change. ;-) In this scene, Ciara finds out exactly what her goddess mothers would like for her to do in order to save the world.

At Brid’s nod of encouragement, Cerridwen passed her hand over the waters once again. A new image shimmered into view. Wild. Furious. Pure, unadulterated strength. The man’s aura pulsated power and control. Sleek black brows knotted over angry flashing eyes. Hair the black of a raven’s wings perfectly matched his surly demeanor. His square jaw was shadowed with a day’s growth of beard. Nostrils flared on a slightly crooked nose that must have been broken at some earlier time. Full, sensuous lips curled back into a sneer. Teeth clenched in barely held rage. Ciara didn’t know who this compelling human was but it was obvious he was sorely displeased.

“Who is he?” Ciara leaned closer to the waters. This mortal might be worth her interest.

Brid smiled, nodding her approval. “That is the chieftain of Clan MacKay, their powerful and well respected leader, Faolan.”

Now she knew they plotted something. Brid loved dabbling with Scotland. Straightening from the cauldron’s edge, Ciara crossed both arms over her chest and fixed the smiling goddesses with a suspicious glare. “Laird Faolan MacKay. And in what year exactly does Laird MacKay reside and what does he have to do with your solution for Danu’s world?”

Cerridwen circled the massive black cauldron, bent to scoop her hen from the nest of pillows, and cradled the chirruping bird to her chest. “Ye are currently looking at the year 1415 in the Highlands of our beloved Scotland. As to our solution, perhaps Brid could explain the plan we’ve put together better than I.”

Brid turned to glide across the polished floor and held out her hand for Ciara to join her at the balcony. Gazing out across the mist swirling over the dusky waves, she smiled as the whorls of sparkling fog formed into her beloved eternal spirals. “The MacKay family has been very dear to my heart now for many a year. Many of their clan is mystically blessed and they’ve kept the legends and rituals alive. However, Faolan has experienced a great deal of loss in his life. Grief and heartache has turned him away from the Ways. He has abolished the workings of magic and ritual among the clan and has forbidden the practicing of the old religions.”

Ciara ran her hands across the smooth surface of the railing; the velvet-like marble soothed her emotions with its cool, solid touch. The life force embedded deep in the stone called out to her, begging her to save the beloved earth and all its denizens. “So, you want me to talk to him? Convince him to turn back to the Ways? You do realize diplomacy is not one of my strongest traits? And just how exactly is getting one man to return to the old religions going to save the fate of the world?” Ciara tapped her fingertips on the railing. She couldn’t believe they’d called her back through the veils for this. She could’ve vanquished at least three dozen unrepentant mortals and punished who knows how many lower level immortals in the time she’d been here at the keep. Why had they called her here for this task? Cerridwen and Brid were slipping.

Cerridwen joined them at the railing after shooing the fussing black hen back through the veils into the room. Cerridwen’s gaze met with Brid’s and she gave a subtle nod.

“We need a child, Ciara. Fathered by the magical wolf and blessed with the talents of an immortal mother. Such a child could help ensure the old religions would never be forgotten and the magic would never die.” With this statement, Brid faced Ciara and waited for her reaction.

They couldn’t be serious. Ciara opened her mouth then closed it again. No. Surely, they had something else in mind. Her mothers couldn’t possibly be suggesting what she thought they had just said. She looked to Cerridwen and then turned back to Brid. Taken aback at what she thought Brid proposed, she repeated the words to ensure she understood what Brid had in mind. “Fathered by the wolf? Born of an immortal mother? Are you actually asking me to join with that mortal from the Highlands and bear the man a child?”

“Is he not pleasing to the eye, Ciara? Any man able to hold such fury must be capable of great passion as well.” With a wave of her hand, Cerridwen floated the cauldron to where they stood so they could gaze once more down upon his image.

Faolan MacKay electrified the waters. He was dark and dangerous, a delightful temptation to watch. The man towered over most in his clan, the breadth of his shoulders balancing his mountainous height. Ciara’s palms itched to touch the cut of his muscles straining against the leather of his tunic. Her gaze traveled lower, appraising his fine narrow hips and his powerful, well-muscled legs. Cerridwen was right. Faolan pleased the eye and Ciara would bet her finest torque he pleased in bed as well.

VR: *fanning self* That was a great excerpt! I can't wait to read it! Since we are kindred spirits for our love of all things Scotland and Highlanders, what was your most awe-inspiring moment on your recent trip to Scotland?

MG:  It had to be the moment I walked onto the field at Culloden.

I felt such a sense of sorrow and loss that I couldn’t control my tears. I started shaking and felt a bone-chilling ache and the longer I walked among the clan stones the worse the feeling became. I finally had to leave the field and take refuge in the gift shop at the entrance to the memorial. It’s so difficult to explain but it was almost as if the land cried out. Almost as if the blood spilled from long ago wanted to make certain the carnage that occurred that day never would be forgotten.

VR: Extremely powerful words, Maeve. Can you tell us what's next for Maeve Greyson?

MG: Hmm…well. I’m working on the second book in my “Mystical Gateways of the Highlands” series. Eternity’s Mark is book one. I’m nearly finished with book two and book three is pestering the daylights out of me the rest of the time.

VR: Maeve, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today and sharing your stories. Maeve will be checking in today and answering any posted questions or comments.

MG: Thank YOU, Victoria. You’re a true gem and I appreciate all you do.

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  1. Thank you again, Victoria, for having me for a visit! You've got such a lovely blog and I really enjoyed our chat. :-)

  2. Maeve, thank you for your friendship and sharing your success.

  3. Hi Maeve, great interview! I love the story about RT and hot excerpt from the new release. Congrats and best of luck. You deserve all your success.

  4. Maeve, I completely understand your reaction to Culloden. I had a similar one. The sorrow there was so powerful it was overwhelming. What is it about Scottish history that is so moving? Your next book sounds awesome! Can't wait for it to come out :-)

  5. Maeve, I thought Mr. Pinto was MY boyfriend. Sheesh! Anyway, you deserve your award and I'm glad you ventured all the way to LA and mingled. It was fun!

  6. Great interview, Maeve, and loved the story about your husband. My husband does the same for me and he keeps me focused in times when I really wonder if what I am doing is right.

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words, Gale! I'm glad you liked the excerpt. I'm looking forward to introducing everyone to The Highlander's Fury. :-)

  8. Hi Maeve,
    Very moving about your experience in Scotland. Places like that can feel so powerful. Your excerpt is wonderful!

  9. Hi Alexis - I guess it's all part of Scotland's magic. It's cast a spell over us all! I'm glad you liked the excerpt. I hope everyone enjoys The Highlander's Fury when it comes out.

    Valerie - Ha! Somehow, I think there's enough of Mr. Pinto to go around. He's such a yummy rascal. ;-)

    Patsy (P.L.) - Hubby's ARE pretty awesome...even when they're snoring. ;-)

    Hi Kate! I think Scotland has that effect on lots of folks. I'm so glad you liked the excerpt.

    I really appreciate everyone taking time out of their mondo-busy schedules to pop in and say hi. Y'all rock!! :-)

  10. What a delightful blog! I loved all the stories. Funny stuff with the male model.

    Maeve - I too had a huge emotional response down to my bones when I visited the Highlands in my twenties. I wound up crying, feeling as though I knew the place - I was in Inverness.

    I've heard from other people who've gone to the Scottish Highlands having a similar reaction. Isn't that interesting?

  11. I loved Beyond a Highland Whisper and can't wait for Ciara and Faolen's story! Thanks for the peek.

  12. Great interview, ladies. Maeve, I can't wait till your other books are out!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn! Yes. I think lots of folks are "susceptible" to the magic of the Highlands.

    Thanks so much, Calisa! I'm looking forward to releasing Faolen & Ciara's story to the world too. :-)

  14. My WIP is a Scottish historical, so I can relate to your love of all things Scottish and kiltish! Am also a fellow WRP author with the opposite of a guy in a kilt - a cowboy, instead! Good luck with your new Kensington release as well. Enjoyed the blog and reading about your and Victoria's books.

  15. Cowboys are VERY nice too, Anna! I lived in Texas for 3 years and *ahem* couldn't help but notice how many of those cowboys so "nicely" filled out their jeans.


  16. Gotta love a hunk with a sense of humor, Maeve. Your stories sound wonderfully otherworldly and spicy. Enjoyed the excerpt and wish all your books mucho sales!

  17. Maeve, you are always such a delight to spend time with. I had to read the part about your hubby getting his button to mine. What a hoot that all must have been and that he has a sense of humor. Isn't it grand when DH supports you?! Mine is now and his friends are always asking me how I am doing and finding info for me. I love it.

    Culloden is an awesome place, isn't it. I felt the same way as you - a cold feeling seeped through me and I felt the pain and sorrow there. It was such a senseless battle and waste of lives. 'They' say Gettysberg is the same way.

  18. Wonderful Interview. You are definately deserving of the support that you got and that you still get.

  19. Hi Maeve,

    That was a wonderful excerpt - and after reading and enjoying "Beyond a Highland Whisper" I can't wait for the story of Faolen and Ciara.

    My DH is also a wonderful support. The best thing is he believes in me and doesn't act like writing is just a 'little hobby' like I've heard some writer's partners think.

    I've never been to Scotland but its definitely on my To Do list when my children are grown and out of the nest : )

    Sounds like you've got an incredibly busy year next year with lots of new releases - yay! All the best, and I look forward to watching your career take off : )

  20. Absolutely, Pat! A hunk with a sense of humor is a TOTAL PACKAGE. ;-)

    You're too kind, Paisley. I wouldn't doubt that Gettysburg is the same way. I wonder if the land just soaks up all that sorrow?'re a gem, Dawn. I truly do appreciate all the help & support of my friends. I'd be lost without them.

  21. It sounds like we're both very lucky writers, LaVerne, to have such understanding and supportive families. I couldn't imagine trying to walk this path if it was filled with "naysayers" telling me that I waste too much time on my silly "hobby". Thanks for stopping by today and also for your lovely words!


  22. A lovely blog Maeve. Can't wait until the new book is released. Sounds like a winner for sure.
    I must remark about your feelings when you walked among the grave stones. I've had a similar feeling while visiting an old convent in Peru....made me shiver deep inside and the sadness I felt was overwhelming.

  23. It's a very eerie feeling, isn't it Mimi? It's like the past is demanding your attention.

  24. Love the Stefan Pinto story...I was there but didn't get a button, darn!
    Your experience at Culloden and walking among the Clan stones obviously was powerful.
    Good luck with your writing and books!

  25. might not have gotten a button, Marianne - but at least you got to see him. He's such a nice guy. Thank you so much for stopping by! :-)