Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Presents: On-line Shopping or Facing the Masses

This has to be the first time in my history of Christmas shopping I am 99% complete--not wrapped, but the gifts are bought.
Between running both kids to basketball, meeting editing deadlines and the day job, I have discovered the wonderful world of internet shopping. As my beautiful niece would say, "You punch on the keyboard what you want and they deliver it to your door the next day. Oh, and you don't have to pay." Wishful thinking, Maisy.
Now I don't normally do this. Every year the dh and I dredge through the mall, store to store, window to window and immerse with a ton of bags. It's hot, crowded, and by the end of the day we've had it. Of course we always encounter the slap to the head moments like, "Do you know what we forgot?" At times, it's downright frustrating.
I have to admit, it is rather satisfying to have the UPS guy ring the doorbell and my package is delivered. No fighting for parking, no crowds and no misery. There is a little thread of guilt I'm plagued with by not shopping the traditional way, but it quickly fades after meeting the first rude holiday shopper.
What about you? Internet or do you bravely face the masses?


  1. Ok, all I'm going to say is- YOUR DONE SHOPPING??????????????? OMG, I am such a slacker!!!

    You go! And yes, I do as much shopping online as I possibly can. Cannot stand to be out in the crowds! Gives me hives!

    Andrea :O)

  2. It was not planned that way. I guess I had ideas for everyone this year and it sort of snowballed from there. You better get crackin' or you will have to be out in the crowds getting hives. ;-)

  3. After last years Black Friday shopping experience, I swore I would NEVER do that again. Internet is the only way for me!


  4. LOL, Maeve. Who could forget last year's Black Friday? I wonder if there are any traditional shoppers still out there? Internet shopping was definitely my saving grace this year.

  5. I have NEVER braved Black Friday most of the times I was working. Second I have no children perhaps that is the biggest reason. No my husband and I are those last minute shoppers. His family, whom we spend Christmas with, does a white elephant thing for gifts. Everyone brings a gift. A guy gift if you're a guy and a girl gift if you're a girl. Then every parent brings a gift for his or her child. We used to draw names but with 9 children plus spouses, 13 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren it goes beyond name drawing. This is much more fun. If you don't have a gift you decline to draw a number. But they count how many men there are and put the numbers in a hat or bowl. All the men draw a number. Same thing for the women. The gifts are separated into three stacks and the kids are given theirs first. Whne your number is drawn you pick a gift or take someone else's that they've already opened if you like it better. That person gets to choose another gift from under the tree or take someone else's present. After three times a stolen gift is dead. No one can take it. I lost the most adorable teddy bear, I collect bears, that way one year. We have so much fun with this and no one has ever complained. It is easier on parents as they already are buying for their children so they don't have to buy 4 extra gifts if they have 4 kids. They just grab one gift for each child to open at the party.

  6. Wow, Kathy. For that many, I'd do that too! Thanks for sharing.