Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Always My Baby

December 5th, 2000 was the year of my daughter's birth. Her bright blue eyes and shining smile warmed my heart the instant our eyes met. She was beautiful. She was my baby. The moment her tiny little fingers grasped around mine I knew I was destined to be a mother. I would always protect her--always love her.

I watched her grow over the years into the young lady she is today. She's in that wonderful stage of  prepubescent years where eye rolls and embarrassment are a frequent factor. You know exactly what I mean. It was perfectly acceptable to shop at Kohl's, but that was so last year. If it doesn't say Aeropostale, it can no longer grace her body. Christmas lists are no longer dolls and stuffed animals, but DS games, iPod Touch and Lady Gaga CD's.  

Her sense of humor is beyond compare. With some of the things that escape her mouth, she has me rolling on the floor. Good grades, travel basketball, a nice bunch of friends, what more could a mother ask for? I don't mind spoiling my kids when they are doing well. They work and play hard. 
Yesterday was my daughter's 11th birthday. We treated her to dinner at Olive Garden and took her gift to the restaurant. When her father told the waitress it was her birthday, my daughter's features turned to crimson. The waitress brought her a cake with a candle in it and asked if my daughter wanted her to sing to which she cringed and murmured a polite 'no thank you.'  
After dinner we sat around the table and handed her the gift. She opened the box which had a padded envelope inside. She opened it and reached in. When she pulled out the box and saw the iPod Touch, her eyes widened and she reached over and gave me a hug. My eyes welled with tears as I tried to blink them back. Seeing the expression of pure joy and happiness on her face was truly all the thanks I needed. She sprang from the booth and embraced her father. I gave a quick glance at my husband as his eyes reddened. That suit of armor is not so tough! 
At that moment, I became cognizant of one thing. No matter how old my daughter is, she will always be my baby.


  1. Great story Victoria. And that is exactly right. They will forever be our babies. However, they keep growing up. We each have unexpected reminders of this fact.

    For me, it was taking 2 of my girls to the most recent Twilight movie. The scene where Bella's dad is walking her down the isle blindsided me. I have 3 daughters of marrying age, with a 4th closely behind. The thought of walking a daughter down the isle to give her into someone else's care 4 x's got past my armor too.

    Thanks for the story, and have a good holiday.

  2. Hi Derek! I cannot imagine walking our babies down the aisle once let alone four times!

    You're gonna need that armor, Derek. Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful holiday.

  3. What a wonderful blog post! I know you've heard this numerous times, but time passes quickly. My son is 22 and it feels like he was 11 only yesterday. And yes, he's still my baby.

  4. Brinda, I've heard that many times and it is so true. Enjoy them while they're young!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Lovely post! My girls are 30 & 31and they'll always be my babies.


  6. Awh, you made me cry!! I am so with you! They are always our babies no matter how old they are,and even sometimes when their actions break our hearts! It always baffles me when I see mothers who could care less about their children- HOW is that possible??

    I am going through seperation anxiety. My oldest is 20, and has recently left home- I never knew how EMPTY my house and heart could feel- even when I still have a 13yr old and a 7yr old in the house. See what you have to look forward too? You want them to spread their wings and fly, but its so hard to let go!

    Ipod touch, oh yes, who knew they could do all the things that they do! Even my 7yr old has one (much older verison) but they amaze me!

    Happy Birthday to your baby!!!

    Andrea :O)

  7. Maeve, I hear ya! I'm sure Christa feels the same way about Chloe. ;-)

  8. Andrea, you don't look old enough to have a 20 year old! ;-)

  9. LOL, well thank you Victoria! But unfortunately, I am! :O)

  10. The memories you invoked are wonderful. My son did the dastardly deed of turning 40 this year. And he's still my baby...albeit a big one.

    I'm in the next stage now - grandchildren prevail. and it's even better. Enjoy every moment of this time and you'll be well ready to delight in being a grandma.

    I respect anyone who chooses not to be a mom. But I'm so glad I made a different choice.

  11. You said it very well, Louise. I'm so happy to be a mom.

  12. Victoria, what a lovely post! There's something special between mothers and daughters.

    My "moment" came back in September, when we took my 15-year-old daughter to see the college she wants to apply to next year. I can't believe she'll soon be old enough to go to college!

    Treasure the time. It goes by way to fast!

  13. Cynthia, it does go way too fast! Yesterday they were babies and today they're going to college. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Victoria, on the flip side, I can recall my mother telling me to stand up straight when I was 30! My kids will both be in their 30s soon, and I find it's nice to be friends with them, since my parenting job is done. Or is it?....

  15. Pat, I don't think it's ever done. Thanks for the comment.