Friday, March 19, 2010

Worst Job Ever

My entire family seems to be addicted to Dirty Jobs. My kids repeat, "My name is Mike Rowe and this is my job" every time the show is on the air. I have to admit, Mike does stuff I would never dream of doing. *shiver*

It got me thinking. What was the worst job I ever had? It took me all of two seconds to come up with that answer. Dietary Aide in a nursing home.

During high school, I worked in the kitchen of a nursing home. The kitchen was located in the dark and dismal basement. It wasn't so bad during the day, but night was another matter entirely.

My job was basically preparing trays and washing dishes of the patients which often consisted of purée liver, spaghetti--well, pretty much anything they could purée. It was money in my pocket. I was 16 years old and it was a job. That didn't bother me.

What did bother me was working the late shift and working it with a co-worker.

Point #1
Every night on the late shift I had to replenish the supplies for the morning staff. No big deal; however, the stock room was located at the other end of the basement. In order to get to the stock room, you had to walk down a long, darkened corridor that consisted of one ceiling light when you reached dead center. No pun intended. 

You know how you watch a horror movie and the hospital corridor is long and dark and there is a single light that flickers? Yep, that pretty much describes it.

I did the most reasonable thing that came to mind. Every night, I hauled ass down the corridor and said a silent prayer that nothing came out of the woodwork.

The stock room was enclosed in a cage. I needed keys to open it. Oh, God. Never forget the keys! The lights in the stock room were as great as the lights in the corridor. It boasted several shelves stocked with canned goods and two or three industrial-sized refrigerators.

Point #2
My co-worker was a 16 year old boy. How many 16 year old boys do you know? Can we all say immature? 

He thought it would be hysterical to scare me to death nightly. Let me see...I opened the industrial-sized refrigerator, after I hauled ass down the long, darkened corridor, only to find that he stood inside it. 

He had crawled inside an industrial-sized garbage can when I attempted to empty the trash.

He crawled in the front seat of my truck when I went to leave in a darkened parking lot. 

Point #3
Patients die. Do you want to guess where they go when they die? Heaven, you say? C'mon. Take a better guess. There--you got it! The basement. 

The deceased patient cannot be on the main floor. They are taken to the basement until the funeral home comes to take them away. Don't you worry though. They are laid out on a gurney and covered with a blanket--in the long, darkened corridor with the single ceiling light that flickers!  

I'm going to stop there. I think you get the picture.

What was the worst job you ever had?


  1. The worst job I ever had was working on the assembly line putting the weights in the bottom of the train engines for Lionel. It was the most tedious boring and actually painful job, painful hand cramps. Sadly I coveted the job of sodering the wgts in the bottom, thinking it was easier and a step up in the assembly line. So young, so dumb.

  2. Weren't we all? LOL

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. OMG, Victoria! That was right out of a horror flick! Makes mine pale in comparison!!!

    I worked in a book bindery. I loved reading and thought it would be super kewl to find out how a book was actually made! I was 16, and had never worked anything other than retail. Boy was I in for a shock.

    No one told me that I would be standing for hours in front of a shelf with 100's sometimes thousands of pages one right after the other and I would have to grab each one at a time, and keep them in order! oy!!!!

    I went home every day with paper cut after paper cut, probably spent more than I made on peroxide to clean the cuts out! ouch*

    And the worst part was, my collater rack was directly next to the shrink wrap machine. sigh* AND there was no air condition, this being June throug August and it felt like it was 120 degrees! I thought I would die!!!

    I learned a valuable lesson! Get an education and a more cushy job!!!

    Andrea- CHRW

  4. That is so funny and so true!

    Sometimes when I reflect on my current day job, I realize it could always be worse. I could be working in the nursing home! *cringe*

    Thanks for the comment. See you around CHRW.

  5. Hey, I think that boy went to my high school too! My teen jobs weren't bad. The bad didn't happen until I temped when my kids were in middle school. I got to cover a maternity leave for the secretary in a casket factory. Another temp had been there before me, and I should have been suspicious as to why she left. Each day I'd coordinate reports from each section, the carpenters, the engineers, the polishers, and the ladies at their sewing machines making the linings. Sawdust covered everything (including me), the foreman was an overbearing bully, and few of the workers spoke English. When going to the cafeteria, I had to pass the sewing machine section, which was always filled with tiny white caskets the ladies were lining with satiny material with cute little duck and bunny patterns. I was so glad when the assignment ended!

  6. Great post! Hmmm... My worst job ever was a telemarketer. I think I worked for a week and a half, got screamed at, cursed at, hung up on, told they would call me at my home during dinner, it was horrible. I was in college at the time looking for extra cash. It was so NOT worth it! I stood up during my shift told my boss I was leaving. He asked me, are you coming back? And I said, um no, never, sorry. lol